5 Reasons to Quit Calling your Business a Hobby.

Updated: May 4, 2020

5 Reasons to move from hobby to business mindset.

Hey friends, pull up a chair and let’s chat. I want to get real about your creative business. Oh wait, you aren’t calling it a business? It’s your “hobby?” Hold up sister and let’s dive a little deeper.

Do you work with the intention of making money...? Or you don’t care if you make a profit? If you are getting paid on the regular, congratulations you have a business!

Do you invest significant amounts of time and effort into your product/craft and depend on the income from that investment? If so, you have a business.

Do you have multiple customers and clients or just a few who are friends or family? If you have multiple customers, you have a business.

Are you willing to take action to improve the profitability of this endeavor? Meaning, you’ll make a tweak here and there so you have more money in your pocket. If so, you have a business.

But, “Jill!," you say, "I don’t do this full time!" You only do this part time? You consider it your side hustle? Good news! That’s ok! It can be your part time business.

For me, keeping my few plants alive is a HOBBY!

I’m here to give you 5 reasons to move from hobby mindset to business mindset.


1. Hobby mindset implies that you're an amateur when I KNOW you’ve put a ton of time, labor, heart and soul (and probably even some tears) into perfecting your craft. Business mindset ensures you get the credit for the hard work you’ve put into your craft.

2. Hobby mindset implies you do it just for fun and for your own enjoyment. When you're doing something just for fun, convincing people to actually pay you what your time is worth can be a little challenging, agree? Business mindset sets the expectation that you are paid the value of your product and time. And bonus points for enjoying what you do!

3. Hobby mindset implies you do this when you have time, not when you make the time. I KNOW you are staying up late, getting up early, working weekends and whatever hours it takes to get a job done. You are making time for this, sacrificing sleep, leisure time and busting your tail to get it done and do it well. Business mindset conveys that you are professionally managing your most precious commodity, your time.

4. Hobby mindset implies that you're not commited. That you could take it or leave it anytime you wanted. There's a lack of commitment, follow through and it’s likely that your “hobby” will get put on the back burner once the going gets tough or you get busy. Business mindset will go the distance when it's tough, when your sick, when you're tired, when you just want to quit. Business mindset will carry you through. Business mindset gives you ownership and responsibility through thick and thin. Business mindset goes the distance.

5. Hobby mindset implies "I’m not really interested in seeing this be successful. I’m just going to see what happens.” Friends, can I tell you something? Your mindset has a direct effect on the success of your business. You want growth? Own that growth, make a plan and work towards it. Let’s change that “let's see what happens” mindset to “let’s see it happen” mindset.

For me personally, one of the hardest years was the year I “pretended” my business was still a hobby. I wanted people to think I decorated cookies because it was fun, when in actuality, what we needed, was another income. I wanted people to think that I just needed a creative outlet, when really, I felt unfulfilled in my motherhood. I felt all mixed up inside. I felt like a fraud. For anyone that asked, I was a stay at home mama raising and homeschooling my 3 kids. I made no mention of a side hustle or small business. But really, I was spending as much time working as I was mama-ing. The identity crisis was real. Crossing over from the mindset that I was a stay at home mom with a hobby to embracing the working mom as a small business owner was one of the best decisions I ever made. It was the winning mindset shift thats allowed me to take my business to the next level.

If and when you are ready for your business to grow, you must change your thinking from hobby to business. A business mind blends passion with purpose, and that is where the magic happens.

I agree, a business mindset can be intimidating. You are taking ownership and responsibility for something you love to do and want to make money doing. And I think you should own every bit of that talent, hard work, grit, determination and praise.

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