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It’s an exhilarating thing to watch your life unfold… some doors close, new ones open, passions extinguish and new ones ignite. I couldn’t have imagined five years ago that I’d be typing out this BLOG. But here I am, excitedly telling you all about my evolving and growing business..(I mean of all the things…the fact that I have a blog and a business…never ever would I ever…) Hold up, there’s more. Now, I’ve started a sister business specifically for fellow creatives….who am I??

Little by little, season by season, I am leaning into my untapped potential. I am a woman, who at the very last edge of her 30’s (I mean, I’m going off the cliff here in a hot minute) decided to DREAM BIGGER.

Y’all, I’m not gonna lie. Just a few years ago I had not one, nary a single dream of anything more than a pretty average existence. I was kind of okay with that. Until suddenly I wasn’t! And here’s the thing; once I allowed myself to imagine something more purposeful than hustling around folding laundry, cooking dinner and chasing a hard earned dollar in the in between, my life changed. I knew I had to follow through, even when it seemed (and still seems) impossible. Oh, how scary and hard and defeating the unwanted anxieties of the mind can be. And did I mention HARD???

My friend Bonnie over at @yellowbowlbakery recently told me that my ordinary-ness (probably not an actual word here but you get what I trying to say, right?) was my magnetic draw. I’m just a REGULAR, non type A, semi-creative, averagely motivated 39 year old mama of three who suddenly began leaning into something more. Did you hear that? ORDINARY. I’m more than ok with that. I feel totally ordinary. The only difference I can see is that I’m willing. Willing to pursue what sets my heart full of purpose. See, really, I’m just like you. And you are just like me and guess what? We can be marvelously ordinary and posses extraordinary willingness.

My mindset shift over this past year has surprised even ME. I’m convinced that if I (ordinary ME!) can change my thought process, and in-turn life trajectory, then ANYONE, and I mean anyone, can!

When I teach cookie decorating classes, I’ve often emphasized that I have a true teacher’s heart. I want to share my knowledge of cookie decorating to anyone who will listen. I want others to have the success and satisfaction of creating edible pieces of artwork. More so, I want to provide a short cut through the frustration of trial and error and figuring things out by yourself out of shear necessity. If you ask for a few tips, I’m going to give you 10!

Likewise, I want people to skip the mistakes I’ve made in my business. I don’t want you to learn all those hard lessons that could potentially set you back or make you throw in the towel all together. Trust me, there will be plenty of other hard lessons to learn. Let me give you a roadmap that gives you a straighter path to the creation of a business that satisfies your vision. I've found, the more I uncorked the bottle of potential inside me, the more passionate and committed I became about helping other women see inherent potential in themselves too.

Which leads me to A Bigger Bite Coaching. I wanted to create an online space just for women who feel the gentle nudge, or giant push, that there is more… More than the hustle and grind. More than chasing a dollar. I wanted to create a space where I can fast track you to running a more profitable and efficient business. A place where you are encouraged to keep your priorities in check and maintain the elusive balance between home and business. I want to help you create an intentional business that you run, not one the runs you.

Registration for A Bigger Bite opens monthly for just a few days. This is your time to choose to grab hold of the hands who want to help propel you forward. Get on the wait list or sign up today.

I can’t wait to meet you.


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