Crash Course For Cookie Classes

Nibble Cookie Co is having babies! Well, sort of! Not in the actual babies way, but we’re growing and breathing life into new projects and business ventures and it. is. GOOD. The emotions are very much like being pregnant, though, with a healthy dose of all the associated feelings.






… and the last few weeks when you’re just miserable and ready for it to be done. You want nothing more than to lay eyes on the beautiful creation you’ve been gestating for sooo long. This latest project has been ALL of that.

Finally, last night I launched my first online course for cookiers, Crash Course for Cookie Classes.

Y’all know I LOVE teaching cookie classes for so many reasons. (refresher HERE!) and want to give budding cookiepreneurs the confidence and ability to incorporate classes into their own businesses.

Looking back at my own experience, I wish there had been a how-to resource when I was fumbling through those first few classes. At the time, I just didn’t know what I didn’t know. It took me about 18 months to figure out an efficient class structure and to solidify lesson plans. Even small details, like how much icing to put in each bag, would paralyze me with anxiety! I made things so much harder for myself. Ever done that before? I think we all have. Part of running a phenomenal business is being able to grab the hand of someone who’s done what you want to do and let them propel you forward. I’m a hand grabber. We are better together.

This course is short and sweet. I know you are busy, so I want to tell you in as straightforward a manner as possible, what you need to know now. Skip the trial and error. Skip the hard lessons. Skip straight to the part where you are a confident and competent cookie teaching machine.

The course is broken down into 10 quick lessons with audio narration. You can even listen to it while you work (isn’t being an auditory learner part of being a cookier). Some of the course lessons are :

1. How Do I Get People to Come?

2. How Do I get Paid?

3. What Type of Class do I Offer?

4. How Do I Design a Class?

5. How Can I Make Extra Money?

I’ve even included a printable checklist and a Fall Cookie Decorating Lesson. It’s a huge value and will save you time, money and bring you more joy! Do yourself a favor, and learn more about the course HERE!

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