Easy Decorated Cookies for Valentine’s Day

If you're a beginner cookie decorator, you can still make a powerful punch on cookies with easy and achievable techniques. The chocolate heart box is one of my faves, in cookie form and actual box of chocolates form :)

Here’s the supplies you need to create this adorable set of cookies.

Large heart cookie (mine is 5in)

small oval cookies (1.5 in)

Red flood icing

white floor icing

varting shades of brown flood icing

white piping icing

Note: a 15-20 second flood is perfect for all the flood icings

Tip!Since this is a wet on wet techniqueue, you will need to work quickly.

Leaving about 1/3 inch border, outline and flood the heart in red icing.

Working quickly as to not let your cookie crust over, s outline the heart in white flood icing, leaving 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the edge of the cookie. Do this again, just inside the first white heart so that you have two outlines.

Starting in the center, or crevice of the heart, pull down through the white icing. Move slightly left and pull down through the icing again. Continue this until you reach the bottom of the cookie (the point at the bottom of the heart.) Move back to the center and continue pulling down through the icing around the right side of the cookie. Watch this short video as a visual.

Set aside and allow the cookie to curst over while you work on your other cookies.

Outline and flood the oval cookies in varying shades of brown icing to mimic pieces of chocolate. Allow these cookies to crust over before adding the detail on top.

While you’re waiting on the other cookies to dry, go back to the heart cookie that has crusted over. Create a ruffle edge on the cookie using a stiff piping consistency icing. I uses a zig zag motion or short up and down strokes.See video below.

Lastly, go back to the “chocolate” cookies and add detail and embellishment to the tops with the same brown flood consistency icing. Simple swirls, waves and zig zags will do.

Allow cookie to air dry for 12+ hours.

Happy Cookie Decorating!

Click this picture below for the full decorating video.

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