Fail Forward

Everyone is talking about success, but no one wants to talk about failure.

Chances are, if you’re breathing, walking, talking and basically LIVING, you are also failing. Because, guess what? Not a single one of us is perfect which makes not a single one of us immune to failing. So, let’s quit making failure a dirty, shame filled word and talk about the positives that can come out of failure.

1. Failure leads to growth…if you let it. You can get mad and resentful and depressed, play victim, deflect blame and generally feel very bad about whatever didn’t go the way you planned, or you can be humble and teachable and allow if it grow you in ALL the good ways. Learn from your failure, change from it, get better from it and let it propel you forward…which leads me to my second point…

2. Failure can either lead to redirection or recommitment. Failure can push you to examine where are, what you’re doing and if there's a better direction for you to head. Or it can allow you to recommit to a goal or objective. Through grit and persistence, you can continue to push through the failure to the other side of success.

3. Failure leads to better processes. Here’s where your analytical brain comes into play and you can examine what went wrong, how to fix it and how to implement different strategies the next time. Yes, I said NEXT time, and the time after that, and the time after that.

How else can you benefit from failure?

4. Failure taps into your empathetic side which helps you connect with those around you. Failing is humanizing. It strengthens your support system and can also allow you to become a wise and valuable mentor to those around you. But here’s the catch, you have to to willing to be vulnerable, share your mistakes and share what you learned!

5. Failure allows the taste of success be so much more sweet. You will appreciate your successes much more after you've experienced the sting of failure. I know while you're sitting there, wallowing in your failure, it isn’t much consolation. But am I right? Don’t answer that, but yes, I’m right!

Words to Live by!

6. Failure means you get another shot to try it again. Do it different. Do it better. Do it more efficiently. Maybe that one failure is pushing you that much closer to your success.

Don’t give up friends. Keep failing. Fail well.


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