Logo cookies made easy! A Video Tutorial

Logo cookies don’t have to give you hand cramps!

Raise your hand if you love making logo cookies?

Raise your hand if you dread logo cookies?

Yeah, if I’m being honest, I would have my hand raise loud and proud for the latter. Logo cookies are tedious work and continually challenge my skills wielding a liquid icing to perform exactly the way I want it to. And can we talk about hand cramps! Whew, logo cookies are not for the weak! I was recently introduced to a silk screen stencil method to create PERFECT logo cookies and it did not disappoint.

The cookies were flawless and I was living my best cookie decorating life. Custom silk screen stencils can be purchased for about $15 on Etsy. I was lucky enough to purchase mine from a local cookie decorator (see here). It was worth every penny and I most likely will not take on another logo order without this little gem.

Here’s what you’ll need:

stencil holder (I use my sweet sugar belle one)

scraper tool

thick, piping consistency icing

stencil with silk screen

Play the video tutorial below!

I was able to complete about 5 cookies before I needed to wash to stencil between use.

I’ve also been told the silk screen can be used while airbrushing to help create perfectly crisp and clean lines.But, I’ll save that tutorial for another day!

Happy Cookie Decorating, Friends!


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