The 5 W’s of Teaching Cookie Decorating Classes

Who, What, When, Where, Why of Teaching Your Craft for Revenue

We’re finally past the dog days of summer and headed into the most glorious time of year; Fall, Football, Pumpkins and Cooler temperatures. For creatives, it can also be the most inspiring and lucrative time of year.

Did you realize that adding just ONE cookie decorating class into your monthly business plan can increase your revenue by nearly 25%? I’ll take TWENTY FIVE percent more money in my pocket any day of the week. Remember friends, we need our businesses to work smarter, not harder.

I’ve already told you ALL the reasons you should add classes into your business plan HERE, but let’s go over some of the specifics of how to get started teaching your craft.

The 5 W’s of Teaching Your Craft: Who, What, Where, When, and Why.

Who: Who are your classes for?

Do you want to teach adults? Kids? Do you want to have an age requirement? Will there be a skill requirement?

I teach classes mostly for adults and tweens. I don't recommend my classes for students under 6th grade. I offer beginner level classes for newbies and an intermediate level class for those who have moved beyond the basics of cookie decorating and are ready for a new challenge.

What: What will you be teaching?

Are you only teaching how to decorate cookies or will your class encompass more of the whole process to include dough prep and royal icing? What techniques will you teach? What cookie designs will you include in your class? I offer several different types of classes that range from simple cookie decorating to teaching the entire process starting with dough, a royal icing demo and then cookie decorating. After years of teaching classes, I learned what decorating techniques a beginner can master in an hour class and I specifically design each class based on those techniques and the current season. My goal in each class is for my students to feel inspired and confident in their creative abilities.

When: When is the best time to host classes?

In 3 years of classes, I’ve been able to notice a patterns of optimal times for classes. The reason why I’m giving so much information about classes right now is that we are coming up on the BEST time of the year to launch your classes successfully, and by successfully, I mean sold out! October, November and December are the hottest months to teach classes in our industry. That's great news for you! I’ve even noticed trends in popular days of the week and times of days to ensure you get good participation in your classes.

Where: Where will you teach your class?

I started teaching cookie decorating classes from my home. I’m fortunate to have a second work kitchen and space in the basement level of my home. I have a lot more insight about this that I will share in my online course. But, fear not, that’s not your only option! Many businesses will be glad to host you as you will also be bringing business to them…its a win-win for both of you! You could approach a local boutique, diy workshop, coffee shop or bar for appropriate space specs and partnership possibilities. Additionally, Williams Sonoma, Sur La Table and even Michaels Craft Stores are willing to allow you to teach you craft in their stores. That’s great visibility and everyone is familiar with these names. Don’t forget to tap into your network of friends and family who might be willing and eager to host a class for you in their home.

Why: Why classes? If you need a reminder, I shared 7 reasons you should teach your craft in my last blog. Head over there if you missed it, forgot or just need a reminder as to why THIS is the simple, best revenue and business builder you should incorporate into your creative business.

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