To Airbrush or Not to Airbrush?

The Amazon memes are just so funny! Ca you relate?

The annual Amazon Prime Day almost got me excited for all the kitchen and cookie decorating gadgets that I know I really don’t need. Little do you guys know, I’m incredibly thoughtful and minimalist when it comes to the products I use to decorate my own cookies. You will not find drawers full of edible dusts and glitters in every shade, nor 101 gel icing colors (honestly about 20 will do!) However, there were two products on special for Prime Day that I use regularly in my kitchen. I even had several people ask me “Should I buy this? It’s a really good deal.” I honestly don’t think a “really good deal” usually ever justifies the purchasing of a product. The product in question was my $60 “Cake Boss” Air Brush Kit.

So, here’s the question: Should an Airbrush kit be your next must have cookie decorating tool?

I’ll give my honest opinion and mention some alternatives before you take the plunge.

First, I need to you to understand one does not magically know how to airbrush black buffalo plaid onto a cookie upon first unboxing. I honestly wish someone would have given me this information. I had no idea there would be a giant learning curve when it came to getting sharp, clean lines while using a stencil. In frustration, I put it back on my shelf for FOUR months before I came back to it with time and perseverance to master the color spraying beast.

Sweet Sugarbelle Stencil + holder, Cake Boss Air Brush, Wilton color mist, Chefmaster airbrush color

Until I got an airbrush machine, I bought cans of Wilton Airbrush spray. I often bought their gold spray and airbrushed polka dots onto the background of my cookies. Polka dots are forgiving, buffalo plaid check…not so much. When other stencils didn’t work out, I attributed it to the cheap cans of spray, not the operator using the spray…which led me back to the airbrush machine. It was then and there I realized, IT WAS ME!

As a beginner, if you want to dabble in airbrush, save your time, money and sanity and keep the investment low. Play around with the Wilton cans of airbrush spray. When you have the time, energy and extra money, spring for the real deal.

Learning how to airbrush in rainbow colors is fun!

Although an airbrush machine won’t break the bank on its own, stencils, stencil holders and airbrush colors (yes, you have to use color specifically made for an airbrush machine) can add up very quickly. It’s worth deliberate consideration and a little experience before purchasing.

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