Top 3 Worst Cookie Sets

This post is for all my fellow cookie decorators. No matter if you are professional or hobby, you will at some time, encounter a cookie set that will make you wish you had a super power other than cookie decorating. We all have those cookie sets we’ve done and swear we’ll never do again. We hated the entire process and the outcome left us feeling defeated, uninspired and exhausted. Recently, I polled my Instagram friends to find out the worst cookie sets they’ve signed on to create. The answers…well, they probably won’t surprise you.

I’ll start with the least offensive.

3. Vehicles…as in cars and trucks of every kind. I mean , it’s kind of self explanatory. Unless you are a 4yr old boy, this isn’t exactly inspiring material. The level of difficulty is moderate as there can be a hefty amount of layering and detail involved. But overall, I think most cookiers would agree that piping life like grooves onto a tire doesn’t exactly bring loads of fulfillment.

2. Soccer Balls. This one totally makes sense, but most average folk will not know enough about cookie decorating to realize the amount of dread and fear a cookier will experience upon accepting this order. Basically, there is ZERO margin for imperfection with this cookie. It demands flawlessly executed precision and perfection while working with a fluid material that generally has a mind of its own. I mean, give me all the screamy-faced emojis for this one. I personally, wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole, but clearly, I have friends who do!

DRUM ROLL, PLEASE……The Most Dreaded Cookie Set for Cookie Decorators is...

1. Characters Cookies. For cookie decorators this comes as no surprise at all. Some cookiers can make these endeavors look not so horrifying, but for the masses, it's a hard “No, I’m Booked” or just a plain old, “I don’t do character cookies.” I’ll admit, when you’re a novice decorator, you have no idea what level of hell you just got yourself into, but for us seasoned cookiers...we know better.

Coming soon, the Top 5 Worst and Best Character Cookies!

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