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As a savvy business owner, I consider it my job to think outside the box when it comes to business investments and purchases. As much as I would like to buy ALL the cookie cutters from my favorite shops, logic (and my extremely shallow pockets) steer me otherwise.

In my industry, finding multi-uses for cutters is not only smart, but essential. I’ve compiled some of my most versatile cookie cutters to give you fresh ideas for the fall!

1. Ann Clark Candy Corn Cutter: As you can see, I wear this cutter out. At Halloween, it takes its intended persona as a candy corn. On November 1st, it transforms into a piece of Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. In the summer, it easily morphs into a brightly colored watermelon slice. Throughout the year it masquerades as a piece of pizza. Throughout the years, this super versatile cutter has become the Grinch, a sailboat, a tent, a shark face and a dinosaur fossil. Best cutter ever, right? You can get the single cutter here or a 3 piece set here.

2. Ann Clark Scalloped Clam shell: I keep finding more and more uses for this versatile cutter. Originally, it was purchased for a sea theme cookie set. Next, it became an adorable turkey at Thanksgiving. Then in summer, the genesis for a planter with green foliage sprouting from the top. One fall I pondered, “I wonder if I could use this for a bowl filled with juicy apples.” Yes indeed! Linked is a 2 piece set that needs to be in your collection.

3. Ann Clark Plaque cookies cutters: You can’t go wrong with any of these. I use plaque cutters anytime I pipe text onto a cookie. They can be used for ALL occasions and seasons. I also adore plaque cutters from small shops like Cut it Out Cutters, Kaleidacuts, and Clancy Designs. But keep in mind, processing time will be very different with every vendor.

Now, in case you were wondering if this post was sponsored by Ann Clark, It’s NOT! As of yet I’ve received no compensation for the recommendations in this post, but if you’re out there Ann, let’s talk:) I just happen to have a ton of great cutters because… well… Amazon Prime! Need I say more! I can vouch from experience for their durability and for versatility, just take a gander at the above pictures.

4. Sweet Sugarbelle created her entire line of cookie cutters to be both multipurpose and durable. You can't go wrong with any of these sets. Don’t believe me…? Just google Sweet Sugarbelle cutters for a taste of the creativity inspired by these gems. Also, see my friend @thewelldressedcookieny for the most incredible uses for her line of holiday cutters.

Now, I realize there are so many other versatile cookie cutters. But as minimalist baker, I can’t have them all. Feel free to share your most versatile and favorite cutters in the comments!

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