How To Teach Cookie Classes-A Complete Guide

How To Teach Cookie Classes-A Complete Guide


Still don't have your cookie classes figured out? Don't even know where to start? 

I'm like your best friend who doesn't hold anything back and is ready to spill every juicy detail. 


With 12 easily digestable chapters, I cover topics you might not have even thought to consider, including THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW. Yes, I was yelling becuase it IS really that important. 


In 26 easily digestable pages, you'll learn:

-the Most important thing

-the far reaching benefits teaching will bring you

-who your ideal customer is

-venue ideas for teaching

-optimal times for teaching

-how to get people to register

-how to make sure you get paid

-how to get people to come when you're first getting started

-the differe