The Hashtag Cookbook for Social Success

The Hashtag Cookbook for Social Success


Frustrated with your social media progress? I've got your recipe for sucess!


Get the The Hashtag Cheatsheet HERE


Or, let's get cooking with The Hashtag Cookbook.  

You'll learn how to leverage hashtags to grow your social media.


You'll have the secret sauce to: 

-More like

-More comments

-More engagement

-More sales



Yes, please! Now, I have to warn you, the Hashtag Recipebook goes deep! I leave no stone unturned! 

I'm like your best friend who doesn't hold anything back and is ready to spill every juicy detail. 


With easily digestable sections, I cover topics you might not have even thought to consider, including the essential bonus, How to Create a Top Trending Post on Instagram. 


In 20 easily digestable pages, you'll learn:


-What does a hashtag do exactly?

-Where do I put them? Comments or posts?  

-Does it matters what order I use?

-Why are hashtags a critical ingredient to my social success?

-How do I know if I'm using the best hashtags?

-What are the 8 different types of hashtags?

-How should I use them?

-Are there benefits of using a social scheduler? 

BONUS: The secret to creating a top trending post 

-PLUS important, tips that only come from experience


It's a must have resource for creatives who want to grow their social media. 


After purchase, you will recive a downloadable link good for 30 days. Please double check your email address before submitting. Remeber to download the PDF course to your files in a timely manner as the link will expire in 30 days. 


Lastly, please don't file share. I work to provide valuable resources to the creative community and to provide for my family. My income pays for groceries, utilities, preschool tuition, therapy...I'm not at starbucks buying a Grande Mocha Frappe Whip it Up on the Skinny. Just keep it for yourself, Karen and tell you friends you're not into being cheap and dishonest.


No refunds. 

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