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I Teach Makers, Bakers, Movers and Shakers How to

Build and Grow a Thriving Business. 

A Bigger Bite Coaching

Hi, Im Jill and I think we should work together building your dream biz.  I know you’re used to doing it all yourself, but dear friend, we were never made to do it alone.  I want to teach you how to have:

  • more control 

  • more freedom

  • more money 

  • unshakable confidence

If you are ready to grow your income and build a business to fit your life, A Bigger Bite Coaching is for you!


Doors are to A Bigger Bite are now closed but click “Tell Me More” and I’ll personally let you know when doors open again. 

Who is it for:

A Bigger Bite is for you if you are...

     -wanting to make more money doing what you love.

     -ready to embrace your talent and get paid for it. 

     -ready to work but need direction and strategy. 

     -in need of more margin for the things you love. 

     -seeking guidance identifying the priorities in your business.

     -willing to learn and invest the right areas of business.

How does it work?

A Bigger Bite coaching…

     -is available through a private IG and FB group. 

     -provides a monthly topic of focus and challenge. 

     -supports you with scheduled team meetings on Zoom. 

     -offers instant access to a library of over 40 training videos.

     -gives you individual attention with open Q&A sessions. 

     -is a month to month commitment. 

What will I learn?

A Bigger Bites covers...

     -pricing, social media strategy, branding and marketing, managing finances, goal setting strategies, time management, purpose and passion, setting boundaries, diversifying your stream of income PLUS new topics and training sessions are added each month.

How do I sign up? 

I’m a big fan of “try before you buy” so I offer a free, 3 day trial! 

     -Click the “Free Trial” button below. 

     -Enter your info. (Your account will not be charged)

     -Request to join @abiggerbite on IG

     -check your email inbox for important “you’re in!” 

Still not sure…Let me tell you more. 



I’ve joined A Bigger Bite monthly coaching plan! Now what? 

Please request to join @abiggerbite on Instagram and check your email inbox for a welcome message from me. After your free trial, you will be given access to A Bigger Bite Facebook page,  printable resources and our monthly team call. 

One on One Introductory Offer! 

(2 )One-one-One Coaching Sessions via Skype/Zoom $97

If group coaching isn’t for you or you prefer a more tailored approach, consider a one-on- one session. If you are frustrated with social media,  confused about pricing and charitable giving or need specific insight on branding,  email marketing, networking (build relationships with people that will tell the world about your amazing cookies!), pop-up shops, collabs with other businesses, cookie classes, organization, packaging, and time management, click “Learn More" below.  You are ready to work smarter, not harder (because I know you are already working hard!)