I Teach Creative Women

  • How to Ditch Burnout and Overwhelm

  •  How To Smartly Manage their Time

  • How To Find a Profitable Focus

  • How to Create a Thriving Business
  • How to Have More Joy, More Time and More Purpose

A Bigger Bite Coaching

 Overwhelmed? Underpaid?  Exhausted?  Work/home life out of wack? Feel like quitting? Wonder if theres a better way to make this creative hustle work in real life? There  is. 


It can be so stinking hard. I get it. It’s working your tail off and feeling like you can never step off the hamster wheel without disappointing someone, feeling guilty or having your bank account take a hit. 

IT IS POSSIBLE. Sometimes, you just need a little support and encouragement. 

I know how hard you are working.  

I know how frustrating it can be.

I can help. 


Hi there.  Im Jill!  

Here's what you should know about me:

  •  I don't subscribe to the hustle, but I do believe in working hard (and on your terms.)

  •  I'm obsessed with personal development and psychology. 

  • My strength is teaching women new ways of thinking about their business, time and energy.

  • I'm a former teacher, Wilton Cake School dropout, wife and mom to three kiddos. 

How Does Group Coaching Work?


All you need right now is willingness to learn. That's all. If it sounds simple, it's because it is. Life is complicated enough, I'm not here to add to the noise or your to do list. 

Group Coaching is EASY! Let me share how it works:

  • Coaching sessions are delivered LIVE in a private Instagram group. If you miss a session, you can re-play it any time from our video library. 

  • You get TWO new coaching sessions each month including a marketing update for your business and another business related topic. 

  • You have to opportunity to join a LIVE ZOOM call with fellow coaching members each month. 

  • You'll receive a printable monthly planner and Social Media Action Guide. 

  • You'll have access to Jill via Dm's, voice message, zooms, lives and email. She's readily available to help you troubleshoot and bounce ideas off of in a personal way. 

  • You'll have additional support through a private Facebook group.   

  • You have access to our coaching library with 55+ topics including time management, taxes, pricing, business boundaries, perfectionism. branding, social media marketing, goal setting, burnout and overwhelm, core values, and basic business foundations. 

I know you’re used to doing it all yourself, but dear friend, we were never made to do it All and you were never made to do it alone. 

How do I know you can do it? My amazing community of women is proof it's possible and achievable.  

$$$ For a DISCOUNTED 3, 6 or 9 month membership, tap HERE 

$$$ For month to month payments, use the link below. 

Are you ready to invest in yourself? Your business? Your quality of Life? 

Lets do this. Together. 

Here’s what our members say...

More Questions? Read Our FAQs HERE. 

I’ve joined A Bigger Bite monthly coaching plan! Now what? 

Grow and Scale Members: Please request to join @abiggerbite on Instagram and check your email inbox for a welcome message from me. After your free trial, you will be given access to A Bigger Bite Facebook page,  printable resources and our monthly team call. 

 Basic members: (Not Available At This Time) You will create a login and password during purchase. This is your instant access. Please expect an email within 24 hours.

One on One Business and Lifestyle Coaching! 

 Coaching Sessions via Skype/Zoom

$85/60 minute call, plus add on a 30 minute follow-up call for just $40. 

Your needs are complicated and you prefer more individualized attention- you're not alone, I do too! If group coaching isn’t for you,  you prefer a more tailored approach or you need a session NOW, consider a one-on- one meeting.

What to expect:

Before we meet I’ll ask some basic questions that will help guide our meeting. It's like that paperwork you fill out before you head into the Dr., but it will be way less painful and I'll actually read it before me meet ; ) 


These questions will guide our session and then, we’ll strategize. You'll discover a purposeful path that fits you-your values, lifestyle, needs, goals and desires. We might even find some shortcuts and workarounds. Together, we'll  make a plan to get from where you are, to where you want to go. 

Topics often discussed are: vision and goal setting, beating burnout, working within your core values and boundaries, social media, pricing and profits, charitable giving,  branding, marketing and networking (build relationships with people that will tell the world about your amazing product), teaching your craft, money mindset, and time management, click “Learn More” to schedule your strategy session or see if individual coaching is right for you. 


 You are ready to work smarter, not harder (because I know you are already working hard!)