I Did It! Now What? 

Hey Friend, you just made an awesome decision and I’m so happy to get to know you better. Here’s what you need to do next. 

1. Request to join our private group @abiggerbite on Instagram.  You can even drop me a message telling me your name and email you signed up under so I can put two and two together (this is very helpful and I have a lot of random requests to join the private community.)

2. I’ll send you a welcome email in the next 24 hours. Be on the lookout for that. It will go to the email address you registered under. 

3. Go ahead and get started learning! I would recommend starting with one of these topics: 

1. Goal planning

2. Time Management 

3. Pricing

4. The Business Detox 

4. After your free trial (3 days from NOW), please request to join A Bigger Bite facebook community.   Additionally, we’ll set up your intake call if you joined the Scale Membership level. 

That’s it for now, sister. Join our IG group, start poking around and keep you eyes peeled for an email.